Several big cities with more than one football team

Do you know which of Europe’s prominent cities are home to more than one of the world’s leading soccer clubs? Find out here.

If you were to peek at a World map of the greatest football clubs, you would discover that they all appear to congregate on the European area. It makes sense bearing in mind that it's where the sport was invented, and that it has the most competitive soccer leagues. With that in mind, different European cities have more pedigree than others when it comes to good football clubs. Look at the fashion capital of Italy for instance. Milan has not one, but two of the world’s very best soccer clubs. AC Milan and its owner certainly enjoy that they come from such a strong footballing area. In fact, the city is best known for 2 things – fashion and football! Folks tend to go there for one or the other. If they’re blessed, they get to appreciate the best of both realms.

Football is, unquestionably, the world’s most fashionable sport. The beautiful game, as it is more affectionately recognized, has an ever-growing fanbase. Nations and leagues from around the world compete to win some of the greatest awards. However, it is European clubs that seem to come out on top most of the time. In fact, European soccer clubs are so strong, that numerous cities on the continent have more than one of the top teams located in them. This is definitely the case when it comes to the Spanish capital. Madrid is not only a wonderful city to go to for its food, people and architecture, but it also has a particularly strong and proud footballing tradition and rivalry. Real Madrid and its president are really happy that they generally come up at the top, but their city rivals are strong competitors and title challengers too.

London. What can you say about the extraordinary British capital? It’s a truly fantastic city – museums, art galleries, iconic sites and attractions, eateries, bars and even world-class theatre shows. The city has everything you need. In fact, it also happens to be one of the world’s best sports cities. As with pretty much all European cities, soccer reigns supreme. Luckily for London, it has some of the top English football teams. There are many sides currently playing in the country’s first division, but Tottenham Hotspurs and its owner are genuinely pleased to be growing into strong European challengers too. It joins a host of other English clubs that are striving to be crowned kings of the Champions League. If you plan a trip to the huge city, be sure to pay a visit to all the most important sites but do not forget to incorporate going to a football match on your itinerary as well – it is an adventure you don’t want to miss!

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